Jason Segel to star in ‘Canadian Maple Syrup Heist Comedy’ for Sony


Jason Segel’s getting in bed with Sony Pictures to star in an untitled “Canadian maple syrup heist comedy” for “Horrible Bosses” helmner Seth Gordon, according to Deadline.

Chris Sheridan (“Family Guy”) wrote the script, said to be “inspired by real events reported in the Montreal Gazette by journalist Anne Sutherland. Over $20 million worth of maple syrup was stolen in 2012 from Quebec’s Federation of Maple Syrup Producers and to date, over 20 individuals have been arrested in conjunction with the heist as prosecutors try to make the charges stick.”

Segel’s series “How I Met Your Mother” returned to the air this week with it’s final season so Segel’s on the hunt for some good movie roles to dig into after that wraps.