10 Breaking Bits

10 Breaking Bits

New “Fast & Furious 7” and “Franny” castmembers; “American Horror Story : Coven” Opening Credits, Landon doing “Boy Scouts”, Duo get “Paranormal Activity 5” writing gig, Mazello makes directorial debut and more!

1. John Brotherton (“The Conjuring”) has joined the cast of “Fast & Furious 7”. He’s playing the right-hand man of Kurt Russell’s villain.

2. CBS is bringing Anne Rice’s “Seraphim” novels to the big screen, with Joe Carnahan set to direct the pilot.

3. Nathan Lane is co-starring in David Milch’s pilot “The Money”, a drama vehicle starring Brendan Gleeson.

4. Vince Gilligan and David Shore are teaming for a new detective series at CBS. “Battle Creek”, which has snagged a 13-episode commitment from the network, is something “X-Files” alum Gilligan has been trying to get up for a decade.

5. “Bourne Identity” co-writer W.Blake Nelson is writing a new action/adventure pilot for TNT. ”Described as National Treasure meets Bourne Identity, the action/adventure drama centers on person called upon in times of extreme crisis, when traditional law and government aren’t in position to help. Created by the original founding fathers but hidden from the public, the agent of unknown identity that is trained and ready to serve — deployed only at the careful discretion of the Vice President.”

6. Dakota Fanning and Theo James (“Divergent”) have boarded Richard Gere’s latest, “Franny”. “Fanning will take on the role of Olivia and James will play Luke in the pic, which centers on a gregarious hedonist (Gere) who finds a renewed sense of purpose by desperately ingratiating himself into the lives of a young couple.”

7. Christopher Landon (“Paranormal Activity : The Marked Ones”) will helm “Boy Scouts vs. Zombies” for Paramount.

8. Joseph Mazello (“The Pacific”) will make his directorial debut with the baseball film “Undrafted”. In addition to Mazello, the cast will include Jim Belushi, Tyler Hoechlin and Chace Crawford.

9. Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman will pen “Paranormal Activity 5”.

10. The new opening credits for “American Horror Story”, about to enter it’s third season, are online :

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