Lottery Wins in The Movies


Everyone loves to imagine what it would be like if they won the lottery. All financial problems would melt away, you’d be able to buy the house of your dreams, the cars and the lifestyle to go with it. And today, with lottery tickets available online, it’s easier than ever to buy a lotto ticket and have a dream to hold onto – click here for details on how to enter Europe’s largest lottery.

But, as we all know from stories of previous lottery winners in the newspapers, things don’t always go according to plan when people win huge amounts on the lottery and this is a theme that has often been used by movie makers.

The latest lottery winner movie to make it to the big screen was the comedy Lottery Ticket (2010) – the story of a boy from the projects who wins $370 million and the reaction of the people who live with and around him. Kevin Carson (Bow Wow) is on his way to work at Footlocker when he gets stopped by the neighbourhood bully Lorenzo (Gbenga Akinnagbe) who wants him to steal Jordans sneakers for him and his mates. But at work, Kevin gets Lorenzo and his gang arrested and ends up losing his job in the process. His girlfriend Stacie (Naturi Naughton) buys him a fortune cookie which has lucky numbers inside. Kevin decides to play the numbers on the lottery even though he doesn’t believe he has a chance of winning and goes to bed.

The next day his grandmother (Loretta Devine) reminds Kevin about the ticket when she says she hasn’t won anything. Of course, he finds out he has the winning ticket and makes his gossip grandmother swear she won’t tell a soul until he has retrieved the money. At the lottery office he discovers he will have to wait three days until the 4th of July weekend is over to claim his money and returns home to find the whole of his neighbourhood has found about his win and are waiting for their cut in his living room…

It makes you think what would happen if you were the lucky one – probably the best policy would be to keep the exciting news to yourself!

Here are 10 other movies about ‘winning the lottery’ or a large size of loot!

1. Brewster’s Millions
Richard Pryor’s ticket comes in – but it comes with a price!

2. It Could Happen to You
Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda are in the money..

3. Easy Money
Rodney Dangerfield knows how to spend it.

4. Shallow Grave
The dark side of finding one’s self suddenly rich.

5. A Simple Plan
The plan to strike it rich paid off… or did it?