Aww Hell Yes! Michael B.Jordan may kick E.T’s ass in Independence Day sequel


With Will Smith’s charm and appeal currently on assignment back in 1999, the “Independence Day” sequel is looking to another African American actor to bring the ‘Aww Hell No”s to it’s long-gestating, high price-tagged sequel.

Michael B.Jordan, the “Friday Night Lights” alum who went on to kick further goals in “Fruitvale Station”, is said to waxing with director Roland Emmerich about playing a lead role in the 2015 (or 2016) film.

The Wrap, who have the scoop on Jordan’s possible anointment to E.T terrain, say no deal has been made yet, nor is the casting anywhere near a lock, so it’s just as likely we’ll be reporting on Jaden Smith’s signing next week (which is when I’ll be the one doing the ‘Aww Hell No’s!).

In fairness to Jordan, the boy is in high-demand. Disney are trying to convince him to yield lightsaber for “Star Wars Episode VII” (Lando Jr, perhaps?) while Fox are apparently keen for him to ‘flame on’ for their “Fantastic Four” reboot. He’s also attached to play Apollo Creed’s grandkid in a ‘Rocky’ spin-off.

Emmerich and Dean Devlin have two “Independence Day” sequels planned, both of which will likely reunite returning players Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman. Will Smith, although still non-committal, probably just needs to read a couple more “After Earth” reviews, and he’ll be onboard too.