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New Trailers : Free Birds, Foxcatcher, Walking with Dinosaurs, Frozen, Avengers 2

What you do is, you press the little Play button and then.. you’ll see

Shitload of Shit-hot trailers have hit the w’s overnight.

First up, an animated new offering from Owen Wilson (wait, Owen Wilson’s on the line. He asks “When AREN’T I animated, people?”) called “Free Birds”.

Next, a rather tense trailer for “Foxcatcher”… some sort of “40 Year Old Virgin” sequel that’s gone a little too ‘dark’ on the comedy by the looks.

“Walking with Dinosaurs” is.. well, guess. OK. guess.

Disney’s “Frozen” has a new trailer. Expect funnies and fuzzies.

That Comic-Con teaser for “Avengers : Age of Ultron”? It’s online now. So back the fuck off, fanboys.

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