Clint refuses to cover the remake and instead covers the original About Last Night…


Like a freckly introvert in love with the prom king, I’m protecting myself from hurt by simply… not going there.

So, as Marty informed Doc part-way thru “Back to the Future Part II”, ‘We’re Going Back.. Again” (to check out naked Demi).

Directed by Ed Zwick, a few years shy of his Oscar winning clapper “Glory”, “About Last Night..” was a film based on one of David Mamet’s plays – Sexual Pervisty in Chicago. Set where the play ‘s titled stated, it told the realistic, somewhat funny, super sweet, and god-darn randy story of a couple of youngsters that meet at a bar, jump into bed, and quickly learn that a relationship isn’t all about comparing ass scars (or sharing a big pair of headphones). The movie, with its witty dialogue, fun performances (James Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins, playing the respective best friends of the main characters, both rocked), cool soundtrack (did I mention Segar!?), and naked bits and bobs, grabbed the audience by their tight jeans and never let up. Though not considered as classic as some of the other Brat Pack-starring films of the time, like “The Breakfast Club”, “About Last Night..” still has its fans.

Here are 10 things you’re unlikely to see in the remake that made 1986’s “About Last Night…” such a titillating treat.

1. The funniest opening titles for a Brat Pack flick this side of Hughes.

2. Demi Moore’s naked back infused with Sheena Easton songs.

3. Rob Lowe offering Demi Moore offering a drawer – a “whole” drawer.

4. A Megan Mullaly cameo.

5. A soundtrack of rockin’ ballads.

6. The ability to make women laugh over the most inane of things.

7. Half of Hall and Oates.

8. Sam Seaborn at his most emotional.

9. A Chick that sounds like Jessica Rabbit at a funeral.

10. A very un-Hollywood, but credible ending (betcha the remake ties it all up with a much prettier bow!) that has the audience nodding in approval. No rush, here. No rush..

Catch “About Last Night…” on a TV/DVD/VHS near you!

And finally, the most uplifting love song this side of… the driver’s seat of my car on a sunny, Sunday afternoon.