Mark Millar’s Kindergarten Heroes headed out to play with Fox


A kid-friendly feature from Mark Millar might be in the pipeline, according to Heat Vision.

Millar’s superhero comic series “Kindergarten Heroes” looks like it will be adapted for the silver screen by 20th Century Fox.

Carter Blanchard has been approached by the studio to develop a script for the film, which is anticipated to become a family-friendly franchise. Simon Kinberg has also signed on to produce the film.

Compared to Millar’s usual R-rated fodder with “Kick-Ass” and “Wanted”, the franchise is likely to be very different but does trend with his affinity for superheroes.

The actual written issues of “Kindergarten Heroes” are yet to be published, with Millar keen to wait for all of them to be launched “at the same time and have a little set kids can buy when they pick up the first one.”