Woods goes to War with Universal


Graphic novel “Universal War One” is getting bigscreen treatment. Unfortunately, Skip Woods is holding the pen.

Woods – who I’m guessing is the alter-ego of some toilet-paper scrawling studio exec – wrote such disasters as “X-Men Origins : Wolverine” and “A Good Day to Die Hard”. He also wrote “The A-Team”, which turned out super decent, but I’m guessing that’s got more to do with Joe Carnahan than it does Woods’ wordsmanship.
But feel free to prove me wrong with this one, brother.

Umedia is coughing up a sumly $40m to make “Universal” a reality.

Published by Marvel and Gaul’s Soleil Prods., the six-parter “Universal War One” was created by French author Denis Bajram.

The action-packed dystopian tale is set in a world threatened by a looming civil war between the core planets and outlying planetary settlements. It follows the deadly mission of a band of disgraced soldiers who investigate a gigantic barrier in the outer reaches of space that absorbs all light and matter. After breaching it, the soldiers are fired upon by a vessel of unknown origin.

“Skip (Wood)’s work offers the grit and intelligence that permeates the world of ‘Universal War One,’” Umedia’s Adrian Politowski tells Variety. “He will undoubtedly retain the essence and spirit of adventure that has made Denis Bajram’s work such a masterpiece.”