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Comic Who is Jake Ellis? getting the big-screen treatment

Described as being a mish-mash of the “Bourne” series, “Memento” and “Fight Club”

The rights to “Who Is Jake Ellis” have been picked up by Fox, according to THR.

Described as being a mish-mash of the “Bourne” series, “Memento” and “Fight Club”, the film follows the story of Jon Moore, a former CIA analyst and mercenary who finds himself on the run, but protected by the mysterious Jake Ellis. Seemingly invisible to everyone but Jon, Ellis has unique skills and a knowledge of tradecraft that Jon will need if he is to make it out alive.

Based on a comic written by Nathan Edmonson and drawn by Tonci Zonjic, a sequel to the initial comic has been released, titled “Where is Jake Ellis?”

No doubt if the first film does well in the box office, additional films will follow suit.

David Yates has also been attached to direct the project, which will see Peter Chernin producing alongside executive producer Ford Lytle Gilmore.

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