Rob Lowe gets down with Pro. No, not like that.


Rob Lowe gets down with “Pro”. No, not like that.

Video superstar Rob ‘Sax-appeal’ Lowe is about to embark on his 34223th TV series.

The star of “The West Wing”, “Lion’s Den”, “Brothers & Sisters”, “Dr. Vegas”, “A New Kind of Family”, and “Parks & Recreation”, which he recently exited, has agreed to front “The Pro”, a new workplace comedy for NBC.

Todd Holland will direct the pilot of the series, which Lowe will EP. In the show, “Lowe as former tennis doubles champion “Big Ben” Bertrahm, whose career flame-out and misguided investments have left him working as the pro at a tennis and golf club, where he tries to hustle and charm his way back into America”, tells scoopies Deadline.

Coincidentally Lowe had to do the same thing back in the early ’90s. Maybe Big Ben should give Wayne and Garth a call, too?