Get your tickets now! Pierce Brosnan’s about to do I.T!


Pierce Brosnan, the former 007 who has turned into somewhat of an optioning agent in recent years, in that he loves to option anything and everything or lend his name to something that’ll never come to fruition, is at it again.
The actor, who for a couple of years now has been trying to get a “Thomas Crown Affair” sequel off the ground (as well as umpteen other projects at his prod co), is attached to “I.T”, A a thriller from Steven Seagal-regulars Voltage Pictures.
Stefano Sollima’s thriller sees Brosnan “play a successful book publisher who finds himself pitted against a young disgruntled I.T. consultant who is tech savvy and uses that to threaten the author’s family and livelihood” according to Deadline.
Casting is now underway for the role of the antagonist. Sean Connery still isn’t returning calls, apparently.