The Money Pit becoming a TV series. And who said originality isn’t getting enough play in Hollywood!?


I’m tired, so excuse me if this comes across cynical, bitter and whiny, but when are Hollywood going to open their chequebooks again to some original, fresh ideas instead of recycling old plots and continually chafe the teats of over milked calves, whose brands are all but exhausted?

While I agree there’s a good little story at the center of ’80s comedy “The Money Pit”, which starred Tom Hanks and Shelley Long as a a couple who are tricked into buying a mansion that turns out to have been constructed so shitty that it literally falls apart on them on a daily basis, but is there enough to warrant a TV series version? Or maybe the question should be, why would one even bother? We’ve seen that one. Move on. Tell us something we haven’t heard before.

Amblin, who produced the film, obviously thinks there’s enough potential in it (or maybe they’re just happy knowing there’s a new income stream forthcoming), because they’ve joined forces with NBC to make the show happen. Justin Spitzer will write and executive produce the show. He has enough going for him – he did a lot of work on “The Office”, so can probably make something half-decent out of the exercise in recycle, but again… it doesn’t sound like something that’s a) necessary b) gonna appeal too much c ) gonna work.

But NBC likely know better. They greenlit “Lucky 7”.