Because we all demand more from Scream 3 writer Kruger, he’s writing a new NBC series


I find it hard to even write Ehren Kruger’s name after he raped the shit out of the “Scream” franchise via that forgettable, embarrassing third installment. Thing is, Hollywood doesn’t much care if something turns out rotten, so long as it’s picked from the cinematic tree by the cashed-up consumers, and “Scream 3” made its money. End of story. Guy stays in work.

Kruger (who has since gone on to work on the “Transformers” flicks) is writing the pilot for a new NBC offering called “Tin Man”. Not to be confused with the well-received SyFy series of the same name, this one, says Deadline, ” is a psychological crime thriller that focuses on a fugitive robot accused of first degree murder, who may hold the key to the future of human evolution, and the young female public defender forced to fight for his cause.”

Sounds to me like someone’s got wind of that new JJ Abrams android-cop show that’s in the works, and has crafted his own makeshift invite to the party.