Rather than be forced into The Cell 2 : Harder Cell, Halle Berry’s headed to TV


Likely only because she knows exactly what Hollywood plans to do with her now that she’s getting older (which is, of course, put her out to pasture), Halle Berry (“X-Men”, “The Call”) is signing up for the security – well, ideally – of an ongoing TV series.

The actress, next acting alongside that shocking-white wig again in “X-Men : Days of Future Past”, is fronting “Extant”, a 13-episoder over at CBS, according to Deadline. Set for next Summer, it “centers on an astronaut (Berry) who returns home from a year-long solo mission in space and tries to reconnect with her husband and son in their everyday life. Her experiences in space and home lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history.”

Amblin, Spielberg’s company, is behind the show. And their press department is confident it’ll survive longer than the network’s “Lucky 7”.

“There’s only one Halle Berry and we are incredibly honored that she has chosen Extant to expand her illustrious career,” Spielberg said. “As she does with everything she touches, she will bring a deep authenticity to her role and I very much look forward to working with her.” Added CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler, “Halle is the type of award-winning actress you dream of collaborating with for an event project such as Extant.”

Sounds pretty decent, and ‘space’ is all the rage right now, what with “Gravity” spurring sell-out sessions across the globe, so maybe Berry’s maybe a smart decision here. Sure beats “The Cell 2 : Harder Cell” anyway.