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Casting : Kidman, Watson, Foxx, Van Holt, Pena

Casting : Kidman, Watson, Foxx, Van Holt, Pena
Brooke Campbell

The Silent Wife

Nicole Kidman will star in and produce an adaptation of the A.S.A Harrison novel. The psychological thriller focuses on “an affluent Chicago couple who’ve been together 20 years and seem very stable. Trouble is, while her priority is taking care of him and living an ordered life, his is screwing around behind her back. The novel cleverly alternates viewpoint from chapter to chapter, one told from his vantage point, the next from hers, and the tale builds toward catastrophe.” (Deadline)

While We’re Young

Emma Watson is reuniting with her “Perks of Being a Wallflower” director Stephen Chbosky on an adaptation of the novel “29”. ”A 75-year-old woman, still feeling frisky and that she has far more in common with her 29-year-old granddaughter than with her stuffy 55-year-old daughter, is granted a birthday wish. She gets to be 29 again, for a day. She uses the time to go on an adventure with her now same-aged granddaughter. The film tells the story of three generations of women.” (Deadline)

Untitled Martin Luther King

Jamie Foxx may reunite with his “Any Given Sunday” director Oliver Stone on a co-production between DreamWorks and Warner Bros. Steven Spielberg is one of the producers on the project, which would star Foxx as MLK. Kario Salem wrote the latest draft of the script (THR)


“Cougar Town” star Brian Van Holt will join the Reese Witherspoon movie about a woman who decides to leave her troubled life behind and hike the Pacific Crest Trail alone (The Hollywood Reporter)


“La Bamba” actress Elizabeth Pena is joining David Mamet’s new thriller. Cate Blanchett has the lead role. (Latino Review)

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