Another high-concept Wizard of Oz in the works


Another “Wizard of Oz”-themed project is in the works.

Lifetime is developing “Red Brick Road”, from the Wolper Organization, Vertigo Entertainment and Warner Horizon.

“Dexter” writer Tim Schlattman has penned the project, which is described as Game of Thrones meets the Wizard of Oz.

Deadline says :

In the classic 1939 feature, when Dorothy set off for the Emerald City, she followed the Yellow Brick Road. But among the yellow bricks at Dorothy’s feet, there was also a swirl of red bricks. They’ve been there the whole time in plain sight. Unnoticed. Unexplored. Begging the question — just where do they go? Red Brick Road will answer that by following Dorothy down that fateful path, taking her to the oldest, darkest and most dangerous parts of Oz to find what became of her friends who all have gone missing.

The show is based on a concept by artist Rob Prior and executive produced by Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh.