The Great Gatsby gets his Blood on Snow


Leonardo DiCaprio’s got all option-happy again.

Quick Draw McGraw has snagged the rights to “Snowman” author Jo Nesbo’s novel “Blood on Snow” (the first in a two novel series), planning to bring it to the big screen courtesy the WB wishing-well.
At this stage – and remember, DiCaprio has about 150 projects in development at the one time, so there’s no guarantee the thing will even happen, let alone with DiCaprio’s floating head on the poster – the “Titanic” star plans on headlining the picture, too.

The book was sent out to potential buyers on Friday, and within days DiCaprio took it off the table. Deadline says the fat-walleted young Gatsby may have paid up to 2 million to secure the rights.

The book is “about a hit man who is asked by his boss to kill the man’s wife. Trouble is, he falls in love with her and things get messy from there.”

DiCaprio can currently be seen…. courtside with some super model. Probably.