James Cameron’s Smurfs resurrect Lang’s Gargamel


So much for those Arnold Schwarzenegger rumours, seems the ‘Terminator’ won’t be playing adversary to Sam Worthington’s Blue Man Group in the upcoming “Avatar” sequels after all.

Guess who is?

Same dude who played rogue #1 in the original “Avatar”.

Stephen Lang is reprising his role as Col. Miles Quaritch for the back-to-back sequels to the Smurf-tainted blockbuster. Yeah, yeah.. I know, ‘But Quatrich died in the original!’ – you’re forgetting this is James Cameron we’re talking about, same guy who managed to successfully resurrect a dead robot without audience scoff.

Assumingly, Quaritch will come dressed in sharp-nailed glove, Christmas jumper and burnt face for “Avatar 2”.