Moviehole Mailbag – October 23, 2013


My mind has been elsewhere – but it’s just returned, and with a tan to boot, so here’s this week’s bunch of ‘answered letters’ (as opposed to the ones that will sit in my inbox for another six months).

I’ll try and do a ‘Mailbag’ each week, depending on the amount of mail that comes in, and if you’d like to ask me something or merely send feedback – drop us a line here, or in the message section of our Facebook page. Also, I like fruit platters. And when it’s cold, I like a good warm rub on the tum-tum – like a pussy cat. Oh, and blue.. if I have to pick a colour, yes, probably blue.


Dude, where’s Holden? – Leigh, via Facebook

Believe it or not, waiting in Facebook for me to add him as a friend. Give me some time to think about this…


It’s not a Mailbag, if there’s no Holden Clint. Why bother. Can’t you hurry him up? – Robert, via email.

Depends.. how long does your mamma usually take? Does she like having her man hurried?


Got anything going on Moviehole? – David, via Facebook

Yeah, couple of nice side bets. Will see how they pan out.


Really enjoyed Brooke’s article on the actors that were originally considered for ‘The Hunger Games’. I’d love to know who was up for Effie originally? Any ideas? – Pauline, via Email

Yeah I do, actually. In fact, I have a photo of the costume and make-up test she did…

‘Katnisssss Evergreeeeeeeen!…’


Looking cute CM! do you offer anything besides reading mail services?– Bridie, via Email

If it gets cold enough.


What’s the word on ‘Thor’? – LazyGreg3, via Email

Big, hairy, blonde and confused. Oh, you mean the new movie.. “Thor : The Dark World”? I see it on Monday night, but a few reviews have popped up and they’re mixed to good. Seems the movie has more of an emphasis on humour over action this time around. /Film says, “Thor: The Dark World is as funny as it is exciting. A slick balance of action, humor and comic book sensibilities. Fans are going to find so much to like about this movie, not only because it’s fun, but because of its place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Besides the two credits scenes, Thor: The Dark World has ramifications that’ll be felt for years to come. So while the film might not have the psychological complexity or sheer scope of the previous two Marvel movies, it’s more balanced and feels weightier.” I’ll let you know late Monday night what I thought. Leave a light on, I’ll come around and give you my verdict. Keep the milk cold.


Did I hear you’ve some major movie news? Are you a high-flyer now.. will you leave Moviehole? – Alek, via Email

Mum said I can’t, at least until I clean my room.


Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently–  Mail Delivery Subsytem

Just keeping shooting, Mr. Cruise.


Whatever happened to that hot brunette who looks like the Transformers girl; Olivia. She still on Moviehole? – Tranx, via Email

Nah, she’s on something else these days. (Vitamins! Vitamins!  God.. what do you think I was referring to!?)


Where’s Holden? – Stephen, via Email.

Ask the dude above for his mum’s address.

Where’s Tom Berenger got to? Thought he was good in Hatfields and McCoy’s and would get more work- Gavin

Tom’s still in the Wild West; I’m told he’s about to start shooting a new film called “Lonesome Dove Church”. No lie. That’s what his peeps tell me.


Do you know anywhere in Melbourne that will do a Hunger Games double? – Sally, via Email

I’m going to one first week in January at the Astor Theatre in St. Kilda – should be quite the bash! I’ll be the one dressed like Caesar. Come say hello!


How dare you insult On the Road!- Eliza, via Email

Next time I’ll pull over to the side of the road to insult you.


Your little girl is the cutest! – Michelle, via Facebook

You should see her Dad!!


Just thought I’d let you know, probably due to heavy traffic, things have been up and down with MH past week or so. – Greg, via Email

It’s just following Robert’s mother’s lead.


Saddest moment in a romantic movie off the top of your head… go!  – Elyssa, via Email.

OK.  I’ll give you two! (I think in two’s! Love me some twins!)



What do I have to do to have as dreamy a life as those that are part of Moviehole seem to? They’re always off somewhere! – Christine, via Facebook

I’ll print out the instructions; it’s a bit too graphic to post here.  Plus, I don’t like to advertise this particular brand of Butter on the website.

If you had two pick two of your favorite John Cusack movies what would they be? – Diane, via Email

Easy-A, Emma Stone. I’d pick these two!