Hawke taking the Taliban down Before Sunset


Ethan Hawke will reunite with his “Gattaca” and “Lord of War” director Andrew Niccol on an untitled thriller in which he plays a fighter pilot who becomes a Las Vegas-based drone pilot, says Deadline.

In what sounds like it could’ve been lifted from Tony Scott’s early notes for “Top Gun 2” (which may or may not happen now that Scott’s joined ‘Goose’ up above), the flick will see Hawke’s pilot fighting the Taliban by remote control for twelve hours a day, then for the other twelve he’s with his wife and kids in the burbs. “He starts to question his mission, and asking himself if he is creating more terrorists than he is killing in a war seemingly without end.”

So, yes, it’s a thriller – with a message.

Much like that “Purge” one the Hawkster did.

Moving right along…