10 Breaking Bits

10 Breaking Bits

Trailer for “Anchorman 2”, Clips from “Captain America” and “Bad Grandpa”, Clooney talks “Monument’s Men” delay, Silverman pilot released, “Rocketman” goes to Hardy, Focus…

1. A new clip from “Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa”, titled ‘Beauty Pageant’, is online. The film commences November 14 in Australia.

2. Focus Features will release the Elton John biopic “Rocketman”, which Tom Hardy has committed to headline.

3. Michael Stuhlbarg (“Boardwalk Empire”) has joined the cast of “Pawn Sacrifice”, the Ed Zwick-directed biopic of chess legend Bobby Fischer. Tobey Maguire plays the title role.

4. “Blair Witch Project” star Joshua Leonard is joining “If I Stay”, playing Chloe Moretz’s ex-Punk rocker dad.

5. Thomas Mann (“Project X”) has joined the cast of Kyle Newman’s “Barely Lethal” starring Hailee Steinfeld, Jessica Alba, Samuel L.Jackson and Sophie Turner. Mann will play Steinfeld’s secretly infatuated pal in the movie.

6. George Clooney’s “Monuments Men” has been pushed back from December to early next year. Clooney tells Deadline that, despite what some outlets are printing, the film isn’t in trouble. “The straight-up facts are these…We had a really good test last week, scoring in the mid 80s, in Arizona. And when we were on the plane coming back with Jeff Blake, Amy Pascal and Michael Lynton, they said look, let’s be honest. There are lots better times to bring this movie out than December 18. How about November 22? Can you do it? Now, today is our first day at the scoring stages at Abbey Road. Then they call and ask, how about the 15th of November? We like to pull stuff off, and we said, let’s see what we can do. That was two days ago.”

“We had a meeting with all the effects guys for our CGI stuff, and, we’re just not going to get there in time,” he said. “Then we looked at the date we had, December 18. I don’t know how many movies are opening, but it’s got to be the toughest December in recent memory for box office. We said, where’s another good place to land? And we looked at February and the Shutter Island slot.”

7. The trailer for “Anchorman 2 : The Legend Continues” went up last night. It’s great!

8. ABC is considering bringing back cancelled drama “Body of Proof” starring Dana Delany.

9. Sarah Silverman’s passed-on sitcom “Susan 313” has been posted online.

10. A 10-second teaser for the “Captain America : Winter Soldier” teaser trailer is online.

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