Streep, Diaz and Jovovich are The ExpendaBelles!?


Get-it-done-quick movie-man Avi Lerner has outed some of the cast of his long-gestating female “Expendables” pic (apparently now titled “ExpendaBelles”) while speaking to the Bulgarian media. In addition to the previously-announced Katee Sackhoff (well, she says she’s onboard anyway), Lerner says he’s twisting the arm of Oscar Winner Meryl Streep, as well as Milla Jovovich, and Cameron Diaz to join the cast.

Streep’s not exactly someone you associate with the action genre, but as the “Expendables” movies have proved, what with the casting of say, Kelsey Grammer and Terry Crews, they’re pretty much open to anything on those films now. So long as they have a couple of known action entities out front, the rest of ’em can come from anywhere.

Interesting that Jovovich is onboard this one. A couple of months ago she was outed as joining Sly’s third “Expendables” movie, only to be a no-show when the production kicked off. What I assume happened here is Lerner decided at the 11th hour not to lend the “Resident Evil” beauty to “Expendables”, but rather save her up for “ExpendaBelles”.

Cameron Diaz could work. She’s not strictly an action-star, but she’s done enough in that terrain – from the “Charlie’s Angels” movies to “Mr and Mrs Smith” to “” – to warrant a spot.

No word on Sackhoff.

So who else might you bring in for an all-female taken on ‘Expendables’? You can’t go past Sigourney Weaver, right? What about Linda Hamilton? Cynthia Rothrock? Salma Hayek? Uma!? Maybe there’s even room for a couple of small-screen action types like Sarah Michelle Gellar, Summer Glau or Jennifer Garner?!