Where’s Prometheus 2 currently at, Ridley?

Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender will reprise their roles from "Prometheus" in the sequel

With the weekend returns on “The Counselor” surmounting to about the equivalent of a large Steak meal at Norms, director Ridley Scott might have a hard time convincing Fox to do it at the moment, but nevertheless the man insists a “Prometheus” sequel is indeed in development.

The filmmaker, whose last film copped a bag of mixed reviews to go with its lackluster box-office, has long let it known that “Prometheus” would be the first of a series of films, fixing on the world first introduced in his 70s classic “Alien”.

Damon Lindelof, who penned the 2012 film, recently departed his post as sequel scribe, only to be replaced a wee bit later by “Transcendence” scribe Jack Paglen. The shuffle doesn’t seem to have hurt the film’s progress, with Scott declaring at the press conference for “The Counselor” that “Prometheus 2 : Electric Space Jockey-aloo” still a go.

“Prometheus is being written right now”, Scott says, “Number 2”.

“Prometheus” wasn’t a huge staggering success when it hit theaters last year, only recouping $126m of it’s $130m budget back domestically, but it seems to have had legs internationally, inching up it’s worldwide box-office to around $400m.

Fox likely won’t be looking too closely at those disappointing figures for Scott’s “The Counselor” though when deciding whether or not to go ahead with “Prometheus 2”. It, like Scott’s upcoming “Blade Runner” sequel, have built-in audiences, and are connected to established, successful franchises. Not as risky a move on their part. If the bombing of “The Counselor” means anything, it’s that Scott will likely be making one of these franchise pics as his next picture, being that it’ll be more of a ‘sure thing’ – something he’ll desire about this weekend.