Remembering Lou Reed : 5 of his contributions to film


With musical legend Lou Reed passing away this morning, we felt it only right to pay respect to one of the greatest entertainers of our times. Reed, 71, wasn’t just commended for his contributions to the world of music, but also to film. Whether it be appearing in films, writing music for films, or lending his classics to contemporary features, Reed was a regular cinema fixture.

Here are just 5 of Lou Reed’s contributions to film :

1. Soul Man

For the release of the C.Thomas Howell comedy, Reed, accompanied by Sam Moore, lent his vocals to a new recording of – of course – Soul Man for the film’s soundtrack.

2. Blue in the Face

Reed played ‘Man wit Strange Glasses’ in the ensemble comedy, headlined by Harvey Keitel. Reed’s ‘Egg Cream’ also featured in the picture.

3. Prozac Nation

A couple of Reed’s songs, including “Perfect Day” (below), featured in the Christina Ricci movie about mental illness.

4. Juno

“I’m sticking with You”, which Reed wrote, featured on the amazing soundtrack for the Ellen Page movie.

5. AdventureLand

Reed’s music – specifically ‘Satellite of Love’ – featured in the film; Reed was also referenced numerous times throughout the movie.

Sad, sad day. RIP Lou Reed.