Exclusive : Carrey out, Galifianakis in on armoured car comedy?

Owen Wilson still attached to co-star in the Jared Hess directed film

Trying to get a second source to confirm that Zach Galifianakis has stepped in for Jim Carrey on Jared Hess’s untitled armoured car comedy (previously known as ‘Loomis Fargo’).

The action/comedy, which has been in the works for a while now, will star Galifianakis and Owen Wilson as inexperienced criminals who rob a bank – leaving a trail of evidence behind.
Inspired by actual events, it’ll fix largely on a naive bank employee who decides to risk it all by teaming up with his work crush to rob their place of business. With a team of dopey accomplices, they take off with over 17 million dollars – but their amateur mission will see they don’t get away with it too easy.

Emily Spivey, Chris Bowman, and Hubbel Palmer worked on the screenplay for the film. Lorne Michaels is among the producers on the Relativity production.

Galifianakis and Wilson previously worked together on Matthew Weiner’s “You Are Here”.

No word on why Carrey might have left the production, but it’s possible the film’s ‘action-centric’ pilot (Carrey shied away from “Kick-Ass 2”, after it’s completion, because he felt it was too violent) has something to do with it.

More when we hear it.

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