Star Wars whispers : Lucasfilm wants to push to 2016, Ford wants Indy 5 in exchange for Solo reprise


Disney wants “Star Wars Episode VII” in theaters in 2015 – regardless of whether it’s ready or not. At least that’s what CEO Bob Iger’s comments point to in a new article over at The Hollywood Reporter today.

The first of the new sequel trilogy is penciled in to release in just under two years, but according to insiders on the project, the script “isn’t close to ready.”

Last week, of course, it was announced that Michael Arndt had left the project, and that Lawrence Kasdan and “Episode VII” director JJ Abrams had taken over screenplay duties.

Interestingly enough, Abrams is fine with meeting the 2015 release date. It’s Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy that wants to push it a year.

Says the trade, “Unlike Kennedy, Abrams is said to be more in sync with Iger’s desire to meet the 2015 release target — which allows zero margin for error — at all costs.”

Apparently a lot of Iger’s reasoning for getting “Star Wars Episode VII” in theaters for 2015 has to do with marketing – he has a new video game set to be released at the same time, that’s tied to the film.

Meanwhile, rumours suggest that Harrison Ford’s interest in reprising Han Solo for the film rests solely on Lucasfilm greenlighting another “Indiana Jones” movie. Ford apparently wants the company to commit to a new “Jones” sequel – with the outline written by the end of next year – in exchange for cuddling up to Princess Leia again. Interestingly enough, Ford has also apparently agreed to appear in more than just the first of the new “Star Wars” movies, suggesting Solo will be around for the entire trilogy.