Teen Wolf taking care of The Family Fang


Jason Bateman is set to direct and star in “The Family Fang”, the movie Nicole Kidman has been lent to.

Bateman’s sophomore effort behind the camera (following festival fave “Bad Words”) is an adaptation of the Kevin Wilson bestseller “about a couple of performance artists who routinely sucked their kids into taking part in a variety of bizarre events. When the full-grown children return home in a state of crisis, they are unwittingly enlisted to help in the execution of a daring and mysterious final performance by their parents, who are hellbent on achieving the act of a lifetime. Their kids harbor more than a little resentment and blame the performance art for how badly their own lives have turned out.”

Bateman will star in the film alongside Kidman.

The movie reunites Kidman with David Linsday-Abaire, the screenwriter who adapted “Rabbit Hole”.