Anchorman Supertickets! Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way!


Because waiting an extra two days is too damn long, Paramount have announced they are planning to sell a “superticket” for advance screenings of Anchorman 2 that would allow people to see the movie 2 days earlier than its December 20th release date.

The supertickets are to go on sale on November 26th and you can register for updates at

Paramount tried this tactic to much success earlier this year with World War Z, where for $50 fans could see the movie 2 days early, a HD copy of the film, Customer 3D glasses, limited edition movie poster and a small popcorn. The perks for the Anchorman superticket have not yet been announced.

With the price of movie tickets these days it’s not actually a bad deal for the Anchorman superfans.