Sutherland starring, producing and co-writing Pirate’s Passage


Donald Sutherland will star in, produce and co-script an animated coming-of-age story called “Pirate’s Passage”, based on the book by William Gilkerson.

Deadline says :

Sutherland will voice the lead character, Captain Charles Johnson, an eccentric seafarer who blows into a Nova Scotia town in 1952 and helps a mother and son as they struggle to keep their inn open for business. But the captain grows more mysterious over time, with his tales of the lives and battles of old-time pirates.

Brad Peyton, who is co-directing with PIP’s Mike Barth, co-wrote the script with Sutherland.

In addition to Sutherland, the voice cast includes Carrie-Anne Moss, Colm Feore, Gage Munroe, Kim Coates, Rossif Sutherland, Megan Follows, Paul Gross, Gordon Pinsent and Terry Haig.