Katie talks to Justin Kirk about his new film Last Love


The adorable (and highly underrated) Justin Kirk took some time to answer my questions about “Last Love,” and my long- awaited wish for a “Jack and Jill” reunion! I think there might be hope for me yet. And hell, if I’m really lucky, one day, I might be able to catch him on Broadway.

Did you have a chance to read the book or a translation of the book before you started shooting and if so, did inform you about anything with your performance or give you a different understanding of the script?

I did not get to read the book but the author came to set and didn’t demand I be fired so…

One of the quotes from the movie says “the day we figure everything out is the day we die,” do you think that’s true? 

I certainly hope not as I have, in fact, figured everything out and am still going strong.

I feel like this story and the movie, does a beautiful job of capturing a certain moment in time, and briefly touches on grief, rather than trying to explain it or understand it, it has a  fly-on-the wall mentality (which feels very realistic to watch) and , touches on an individual loving in different ways and from different perspectives with the Michael Caine character. Especially, when you see how he interacts with his children versus Pauline and even memories with him wife etc. Was that something that was prevalent to you in the script when you first read it? 

A lot of those things became even clearer to me when I watched the movie 2 years later so I think that’s a credit to the script.

I hate to ask this because I’m sure you’re sick of this question, but how did the project come to you and how did you end up being involved? What made you want to sign on? 

They sent us the script and said, “Hey, wanna do it?”. It was good. Cool people involved. I said “ok”.

I felt the connection was really genuine between yourself and Michael Caine, I think that was semi- hard sell too, having your character come in so late, to make that chemistry really work, did you and Michael Caine spend any time fleshing that relationship out? Maybe cuddle in a bed and cry for a bit?

I guess if you count drinking in the hotel bar. Can’t remember if there was cuddling. Very possible.

By the time your character, Miles, came into the film, I was very attached and almost protective of Michael Caine’s character too,  because I had already seen what he was going through, etc.  So, when both you and Gillian entered the scene I was strangely on the defense almost, was that something you and Sandra discussed or were aware of while shooting and how did you approach it? Because there’s a lot of set-up with him-

Hmm. Interesting. Our characters hadn’t been watching the movie though so I guess we just did what we had to do.

Lastly, and importantly, Is there any chance of a Jack and Jill reunion? Please?! If someone refuses to back the project, I’m sure me and my mom could start saving our pennies to have the cast come together and maybe put on one last show for us, because we would really love that.  Eh? Maybe? Just a thought.

Funny you should ask. I’m just putting the finishing touches on the script. Jack and Jill are killed in a wedding planning accident. Mikey goes on the road as Charlie Sheen’s DJ. Barto and Audrey sell pot in a trailer park. Elisa becomes a lesbian witch slaveowner. Whaddya think?

You sold me!