Montgomery, Paxton set for If You See Her


A new indie casts up today. Sara Paxton, of “The Innkeepers” fame, joins Janet Montgomery in new comedy-drama (or ‘dramedy’) “If You See Her”. Details follow.

TORONTO, November 5, 2013 – Paragraph Pictures announced today that Janet Montgomery (“Spies of Warsaw,” “Our Idiot Brother”) and Sara Paxton (“The Innkeepers,” “Aquamarine”) are starring in the new comedy-drama “If You See Her” from writer/director Joan Carr-Wiggin. Carr-Wiggin’s follow up to the Marcia Gay Harden / Aidan Quinn comedy “If I Were You,” “If You See Her” is a film about secrets and weddings, and best friends forever.

Writer-director Joan Carr-Wiggin says: “We could not have a better cast. Janet Montgomery and Sara Paxton are giving brilliant performances that are both hilarious and heartbreaking.”

When Heather (Janet Montgomery) and Sarah Ann (Sara Paxton) were kids they knew they would be best friends forever. But Heather left the small town on the last day of high school vowing never to return. Forced to return when her father becomes ill, the cynical young documentary filmmaker is pressured into filming Sarah Ann’s wedding video. Heather is convinced that the anarchist filmmaker and bubbly pink-wearing bride have nothing in common, but as the big day approaches she finds that no one is quite what they seem – especially the old friend she thought she knew better than anyone.

“If You See Her” is being produced by David Gordian for Paragraph Pictures and Alan Latham for U.K.-based Green Screen Productions.