Wonder Woman a definite for Batman vs. Superman!?


When it was announced at Comic-Con that classic superheroes Superman and Batman would find themselves starring together, the crowd went absolutely wild; now, Variety has word that brilliant, ball-busting beauty Wonder Woman might also appear alongside them in “Batman vs. Superman”.

According to up-and-comers Schmoes Know, Wonder Woman will definitely feature in the movie; apparently this rumour came about after Jaimie Alexander (”Thor”) revealed that she had met with Warner Bros about playing the iconic heroine.

Further speculation from Schmoes Know has Olga Kurylenko screen testing for the role (Latino Review say Kurylenko has tested for the female lead, but it’s not Wonder Woman she’s up for -Ed) – though who knows how accurate that statement is.

So, what can we take from this? It’s likely that Wonder Woman will appear in “Batman vs. Superman” – but be it in a starring role, a cameo or a very minor appearance, we are yet to confirm!