10 Things I Hate About You spin-off back on; first image released


Earlier this year, Brit outfit Intandem announced they were slamming down the pause button on “Ten Things I Hate About Life”, director Gil Junger’s thematic sister spin-off of ‘90s fave “Ten Things I Hate About You” – famous, of course, for introducing the yanks to an unknown and unworldly Heath Ledger.

This new film, which boasts a different cast of characters and aside from Junger and producer Andrew Lazar, a new lot of names on the credit block too, is seen as the thematic sister to the aforesaid 1999 film. In it, a young woman and young woman, both who’ve had enough of life, meet and fall in love just as they’re about to give up.
I can’t quite recall the reasons for the postponement, but I can only assume it had something to do with the producers only coming up with nine things that despise about their existence. Happens. But seriously, I believe it had something to do with funds. A lot of the movie, which commenced shooting last February, was actually shot but the money well dried up before it could be finished.

The film is back on, anyway, with Polaris Pictures’ Jeremy Wall and Anne Brensley from Legacy Point Capital are financing the completion of it.

30 minutes or so of the movie, headlined by “True Blood” occasional Evan Rachel Wood and Thomas McDonnell, was shown at AFM this week. Friends living in Santa Monica say they don’t believe they’ve heard any BOOOOs coming from the convention hub yet, so it must’ve went over OK.

As a big fan of the first film (one of the better teen comedies of the last decade or three), I trust Junger’s vision, and am convinced he’ll be wanting to please the punch of the purists.

The movie resumes shooting in L.A and Malibu in December, with filming expected to be wrapped by April.

Here’s the first picture from the film :

And here’s a trailer for the film, released earlier this year (before the film was completed, obviously; not that shooting a trailer before a movie is done is anything unusual these days).