Batman vs. Superman art leaked? and Clint voices his opinion on WB’s plans for the movie..


Is this our first look at Warner’s way-too-crammed “Man of Steel” sequel?

Sorry, did I just say ‘way-too-crammed’?
Yeah, you know what… I did.
Could Warners be any less confident in their ‘Superman’ brand? Well, could you Daffy!?
Could the water-tower and DC be in any more of a rush to try and beat Marvel at their game – without really earning the right to skip to this second stage?
Doesn’t Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill (especially Cavill, being that it’s only his second time out as Superman and already he’s being forced to share the screen with other heroes) feel just a little bit insulted?
This all feels a little like some dimish punk cousin moving their piece eight spaces to the top on a Snakes n’ Ladders board game without waiting for their turn, or earning the move.

You know what the transformation of “Man of Steel 2” into “Batman vs. Superman” says to me? No confidence, no patience, no respect for the audience, and most of all, not fondness of the ‘Superman’ film they released this year. They just don’t care.. they just want to catch-up to the emerald ogre and oned-eyed Sammy over at Marvel. It’s a competition, you see?

But I digress.

So now, anyway, looks like we’ve got an ‘Ocean’s Eleven’-esque film on our hands, only with Clooney, Damon, Pitt and Roberts replaced by Affleck, Cavill, Wonder Woman and Robin.

Earlier today, Ashleigh reported that the role of the film’s female lead – which many say is ‘Wonder Woman’ (wouldn’t be surprised, but doesn’t mean I think it’s a good move) – is being cast at the moment, with a bunch of beauties all battling over who gets to caress Benny Affleck’s chest hair.
Yesterday, Latino Review reported that a version of Batman’s sidekick Robin – likely the ‘Nightwing’ incarnation of the character (he’s slightly cooler, for those not in the know) – is also probably going to make an appearance. “Deadwood” alum John Hawkes is apparently the prototype for the character, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going after Hawkes.

On the weekend, I expect a character breakdown to leak of the newest addition to the “Batman vs. Superman” players list, ‘Plastic Man’.

Meantime, artist Jock has posted some interesting art on his Instagram account which he says – when asked about it – is for the WB. Now, as far as I know, WB isn’t doing another Batman movie at the moment, let alone a Wonder Woman movie. It’s fairly safe to say (though I guess he could be drawing for a new animated flick?) he’s either drawing the piccies for “Ocean’s Justice League”.

Check ‘em out :