Jonah Hill and Emma Stone as Ghostbusters!?


Take this with a glob of marshmallow, but Schmoes Know say in-demand laffer suppliers Jonah Hill and Emma Stone have been offered roles – assumingly that of the ‘younger generation’ that the script reportedly fixes on – in cinema’s resident slow-mover “Ghostbusters 3”.

Sure, could be something to this – Stone (“Gangster Squad”) and Hill (“Get Him to the Greek”) give good box-office bite these days; also, they’re a couple of Sony’s favourites, having appeared in such films for the shingle as “Zombieland”, “This is the End”, “Moneyball”, “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “Easy A” between them. Both of them were also in Sony’s “Superbad”.

Thing is, would they really be reaching out to actors for a film that, as far as we’ve heard, hasn’t moved beyond the ‘Shit, we’re in trouble, Bill Murray doesn’t want to do it!” stage?

And let’s not forget, about a decade ago, everyone from Ben Stiller to Will Smith was also ‘rumoured’ to have been approached for roles in the film (yep, it’s been in development for that long). Don’t believe there was any truth to it. Actually, Seth Rogen’s name was also mentioned at one time, but when I asked him about it – shortly after the rumour hit – he laughed (in that trademark laugh of his) off the rumour, saying he wouldn’t dare go anywhere near as ‘sacred’ a film as “Ghostbusters”.

Guess we’ll find out soon enough whether there’s anything to Em and Hillie… or we won’t, and we’ll just let Dan Aykroyd keep talking the film up for another decade or so, until he decides to divert his attention to a “Spies Like Us” sequel.