Stealth Media team with Craig Fairbrass on Gunned Down, Recon Hell, Zero Hour


Action-star Craig Fairbrass, whose credits include “Rise of the Footsoldier” and “The Outsider”,is teaming with Stealth Media Group on a series of three films all set within the biffo genre.

Press release whirled in this morning :


Stealth Media Group’s Genre Label ADRENALIN has signed a multi-picture deal with one of England’s best known action stars. Craig Fairbrass hot off U.S action thriller THE OUTSIDER (Cliffhanger, Call Of Duty, Berlin job, Rise of the footsildier), and his production label Impact Entertainment, and Nick Hamson’s (Death Sentence, Premonition) Studio Soho, which Stealth will finance. The Joint Venture is focused on Genre films produced for an international market place.

The first three films, which will go into production through 2014 are:

GUNNED DOWN – A dark and violent modern day ‘Get Carter’

Armed robber and career criminal Jack London seeks the truth behind his father’s murder and the whereabouts of a stolen stash of heist money, and in doing so he puts his family’s lives in danger. The devastation that Jack soon discovers puts his own very existence into question. Set in and around Spain’s glamorous Marbella and London’s dark underworld, Jack battles to unravel the mystery and exact his brutal revenge on all those responsible whilst being pursued by gangland criminals and a corrupt police detective.

RECON HELL – ‘Predator’ meets ‘Dawn Of The Dead’

When a group of private mercenaries are dispatched to the desolate tunnels of the London underground, they are given one order- SEARCH and DESTROY the military experiment that has escaped under the city of London. The Mercs have no idea what lies in wait and a brutal battle to the death ensues, not only with the creature, but with an army of zombies who are spreading the infection. Can they stop it reaching the surface? And will any of them survive?

ZERO HOUR – A modern day ‘Wild Geese’, based on the true story of Operation Barras.

Sierra Leone, 10th September 2000. Six British soldiers are being held hostage by The West Side Boys, one of the most vicious gangs in West Africa. Public confidence has fallen for the British forces operating in Sierra Leone and the Government, realizing it must act fast, authorizes an assault on the West Side Boys’ base. The SAS commence the rescue operation, engaging the crazed, cocaine-fuelled West Side Boys in an intense shoot-out. Zero Hour tells the true story of the boldest military rescue attempt of modern times, and of the heroes that carried it out.

The films will star Craig Fairbrass in one of the lead roles and be produced by Luke Fairbrass, Nick Hamson and Michael L. Cowan.

‘In this way, we can focus on creating high quality, commercial films that we can package well and will have good international appeal to buyers’ says Michael L. Cowan.

Nick Hamson added, This combination of Producer, Actor and Sales agent as a team, who have all previously worked successfully alongside each other, is a formula that has enormous potential and one I am very pleased to be part of.

Craig Fairbrass commented: ‘I am delighted to be working with Michael, who has a very commercial mind-set, on the type of films we all love and want to make, drawing inspiration from classics like ‘Long Good Friday’, ‘Get Carter’, ‘Point Blank’ and ‘Wild Geese’’.


SMG is a financing, sales and co-production company founded by film entrepreneur Michael L Cowan and Jason Piette of Spice Factory, one of Europe’s most dynamic independent film companies.

SMG has been growing rapidly over the last couple of years, becoming one of Europe’s most dynamic media companies, involved in sales, distribution, production and structured film and TV financing.

The company recently brought on Glenn Kendrick Ackerman as a partner, he was previously with Capitol Films, Atlas International and Helkon as a member of its board, and now serves as President of World Sales as part of the Stealth Team. Stealth also welcomes John Adams as their new Head of Production

Stealth launched its US office in November 2010, with Jason Piette as Head of North America and Acquisitions.