Point Break remake sells every territory at AFM! Woah!


Despite not having any cast attached, Liongate’s redo of “Point Break” has sold every territory at AFM.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, the studios’ Patrick Wachsberger said buyers were seduced by the film’s concept.

“Buyers were sold on the high concept of the film,” he said “This is going to be a much larger scale film than the first one.”

The movie, to be released domestically by Lionsgate, is being helmed by Ericson Core, whose only other feature film is Mark Wahlberg football drama “Invincible”.

The remake will again fix on an undercover FBI agent named Johnny Utah who goes after a sports-mad criminal named Bodhi. In the original ’91 film, Bodhi was simply a surfer – but in the redo, he’ll be into all sorts of extreme sports.

BASE jumper Jeb Corliss and legendary American rock climber Chris Sharma are consulting on the film, suggesting we’ll be seeing some pretty nifty on-screen action.

“This will be much more like a James Bond film,” Wachsberger told buyers in the AFM pitch reel, giving an idea of the planned scale of the movie.

“It is probably the best high-concept film out there,” said Markus Zimmer, acquisitions head for Germany’s Concorde, said.

Kurt Wimmer wrote the script.

Described as a ‘James Bond’ type film by its Lionsgate rep, the movie is due to begin filming March 2014, with an Easter 2015 release date being eyeballed.

The picture, which is said to be setting the studio back somewhere in the vicinity of 90 to 110 million, comes hot on the heels of the forsaken “Point Break Indo” project – a long-in-development sequel that was to star Cam Gigandet and Australia’s Damien Walshe-Howling. That idea fell by the wayside.