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Three spin-off’s to The Conjuring in the works!

John R. Leonetti and John Darko will co-direct the untitled ‘Annabelle’ movie

With the surprise success of James Wan’s truly effective pants-wetter The Conjuring earlier this year, no surprise that the studio would want to grab the teat and see if any other money-tainted milk drops. But according to Bloody Disgusting, WB/New Line aren’t planning to go the traditional ‘sequel’ route here, instead they’re structuring films on some of the film’s secondary characters.

Three spin-off’s to the Patrick Wilson/Vera Farmiga-starring shriekfest are in the works, says the site. One of those is about – of course – the creepy ‘Annabell’ doll that plays a small but pivotal part in “The Conjuring”, while the other two are also based on Warren Case files. Ed and Lorraine Warren are, of course, the real-life paranormal investigators at the center of the film.

John R. Leonetti and John Darko will co-direct the untitled ‘Annabelle’ movie, which might go before the cameras as early as December. New Line are reportedly going the cheapie route on these films, using the micro-budget handbook put to good use on Paramount’s “Paranormal Activity” series. The Annabelle movie will be set before the events in “The Conjuring”. Is it necessary? Do they care? Will such a film expunge some of the captivating mystery behind the doll in “The Conjuring”? Will anyone listen if we all scream ‘yes!’ in harmony?

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