Stallone and Arnold can’t get a cinema release in Oz; Escape Plan evades multiplex


Have times really changed that much that not even Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone movies can get a cinema release –  – and especially in movies that they’re in ‘together’!?

While absolute shockers like “A Haunted House” were welcomed with open arms into the sterile surrounds of the projectionist’s booth this year, and even telemovies like “Behind the Candelabra” were allocated cinema space, the Sly/Arnie team-up “Escape Plan” has had it’s Aussie cinema release plans canned. Instead, Hopscotch will release the film direct-to-DVD.

With the barrage of Sly and Arnie fans out there, we’re not surprised to see the decision spurring picketing.

Here’s ‘Dan’ with what’s going on :

While the domestic take for Escape Plan might only reach 25 million, due to horrible promotion, the Sly/Schwarzenegger film is a much bigger success overseas! reports that the current worldwide take hit nearly 87 million (well over the film’s budget). China alone just added over 20 million for a very successful “Schwarzie” opening!

China will be the biggest market by far for Escape Plan, followed by the United States and then perhaps Russia. But it’s not over yet; Escape Plan will be opening in other parts of the world like Germany, Spain, etc.) every weekend throughout the beginning of 2014.

Unfortunately for Australia, we’re hearing reports that it might go straight-to-DVD no thanks to theAustralian distributor Hopscotch Films.

Escape Plan is on track to be the next $100 million motion picture for Arnold and Sly and should go beyond that box office by the end of this weekend.

The Expendables movies were hits in Australia as was Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand. It made $3 million here with next to no advertising or promotion. There is no reason Escape Plan would not make $5-6 million there with even a couple of weeks of promotion. Check out the HopScotch facebook wall HERE and see the fan’s disappointment. ****

Escape Plan has brought in $87 million worldwide and HopScotch wants to send it direct to dvd? Australian fans have waited decades for a true pairing of the greatest action icons of all time – Arnie & Sly. Please don’t deny Australian fans, even if it is in a limited release.

Let’s hope our mates in Australia get treated to this fantastic movie. But YOU, the fans, really need to let your voices be heard! Please do your part as an Arnold supporter and beg or demand that Escape Plan gets an Australian release (even if you don’t live there – you should still support Arnold and the fans). PLEASE send them a tweet: @HopscotchFilms. email them ( )and leave them a message on that facebook page NOW! Do all three! Let’s keep pumping that box office!

– Dan