Wanna know how much Gravity has made so far!? Ashleigh has the answer!


Like the meteor shower that bangs into poor Sandy and George, “Gravity” is smashing records left, right and center!

The Bullock-led blockbuster is soon expected to surpass the $500 million mark globally, making it one of the most successful sci-fi movies ever.

“Gravity” will also be the largest grossing film of both Sandra Bullock and George Clooney’s careers (yes kids, it made more than ‘Batman & Robin” – and by quite a few bat-nipples!).

Previously, Bullock’s biggest success was that speedy-bus classic “Speed”, at $350.2 million, and Clooney’s was “‘me and my famous friends’ homevid “Ocean’s Eleven”, grossing $450.6 million.

The box office hit has already earned $235.9 million in the US alone and over $261 million overseas. It also lays claim to the highest -grossing live-action feature in October history, earning over $400 million worldwide.

Bolstered by Imax and 3D screenings, “Gravity” was co-financed by Warner Bros and RatPac Dune Entertainment. The film is expected to remain in cinemas for weeks to come.