Exclusive : ‘The Power Compels You’ Clip from the This is the End Blu-ray

A chance to glimpse a peek from “This is the End”

To celebrate the ‘coming to your home box’ release of “This is the End”, Universal Sony Home Entertainment have offered up Moviehole readers a chance to glimpse a peek from “This is the End” – that’s the Seth Rogen co-written comedy that took a sizeable bite out of the cinema earlier this year.

This is a great little moment where Jonah Hill goes all 666 on his buddies…

Co-writers/directors Rogen and Evan Goldberg spoke to us a little bit about the movie.

You cast a lot of your friends in the film. Was it hard getting them to trust you as directors?
SR: I think they trust you. It’s probably easier to get them to listen to you than directors they don’t know very well, honestly, because there is so much trust that is needed, especially when you’re improvising a lot and especially when you’re playing a version of yourself. It requires a lot of trust from them towards us to take all these crazy things they’re saying and do something with it in a way that they will be happy. I think if they didn’t like us or know us or trust us, they wouldn’t have said ninety percent of the stuff they said because they would have been worried as to how it was exposed.

What did being generous with the cast do for them and for you?
SR: At this point, they just all know that the movie as a whole is the most important thing. They all have careers at this point. They don’t need this to be their breakout thing that finally shows the world Jonah Hill is funny. He’ll be fine. So I think, more than anything, the guys really saw themselves as members of a six-person team and they really respected that. They knew that, in order for the movie to be really funny, you have to let everyone do their thing. I think, as the director, I just didn’t want people to be like, “Oh, you’re giving yourself more camera time? Oh, look who gets another close-up. This guy.” It probably hurt me in the end.

To check out my full interview with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg click here.

This is the End is now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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