Paul Walker says Fast & Furious 8 is ‘guaranteed’


Paul Walker says an eighth “Fast & Furious” movie is a “guarantee”.

Speaking to Collider about his New Orleans-set drama “Hours”, Walker was asked just how many more “Fast & Furious” movies we might see.

Walker, currently filming “Fast & Furious 7”, says we’ll definitely see one more, and there’s a good chance there’ll be more to follow.

“Well, the studio supposedly wants 8, 9 and 10. I’ll be 50. Even if 7 were to [tank], there’s at least an 8. That’s a guarantee. The thing that’s pretty crazy is that neither Vin nor I were going back to do the third one. They were going to do a direct-to-video 4. They were going to dispose it and be done with it. But then, Vin was like, “No, I’ll come in for a cameo,” because it wasn’t testing well. He wanted to set up the fourth one and the studio went for it, and we got a second life. It was supposed to be done already. ”

Check out the whole interview here, in which Walker also discusses working with Aussie James Wan on “Fast & Furious 7”.