Domain registrations hint at possible titles for Man of Steel sequel


Seems Warner Bros mightn’t be sticking with that grabby but rather generic title “Batman vs. Superman” (or “Superman vs. Batman”, depending on which way the wind is blowing on any given day) for their internet-excited “Man of Steel” sequel.

Fusible have got wind that Warner have recently registered several domain names, all seemingly prospective titles for the superhero team-up movie.
Snapped up for the studio recently, via domain name registrar Mark Monitor, were “Man of Steel Battle the Knight”, “Man of Steel Beyond Darkness”, “Man of Steel Black of Knight”, “Man of Steel Darkness Falls”, “Man of Steel Knight Falls”, “Man of Steel Shadow of the Night”, “Man of Steel The Blackest Hour”, and “Man of Steel The Darknness Within”.

While none really offer the strong, marketing-friendly indication that Batman is also a part of the movie, the ‘Man of Steel Battle the Knight’ one might work. Warners had previously registered “”, so there’s still a chance that’ll be their fallback title.

Be interested to see what they decide upon.