Joseph Gordon-Levitt to star in Sandman movie?


Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to be the favourite with a lot of studios right now, especially in regards to comic book movies. Latest ‘get this guy in tights!’ rumor comes from Bad Ass Digest, who say the “Inception” and “Don Jon” star is involved in a film incarnation of a popular graphic novel.

The “Dark Knight Rises” actor is said to be the fave to play Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”, a film being developed by “Dark Knight Rises” scribe David Goyer.
According to Bad Ass Digest, who have the scoop on all this, WB are very “receptive” to Goyer’s ideas concerning the feature film – likely helped by the fact he has Levitt onboard to play Morpheus.

Says the site :

Trusted sources tell me that David Goyer has pitched Warner Bros a take on Sandman, Neil Gaiman’s career-defining comic, and the studio has been very receptive. Geoff Johns, DC’s Hollywood man, is very behind Goyer’s version. And what’s more, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is involved, almost certainly intending to play Morpheus, the lead character. Levitt’s gonna deny this, just like he’s denied a lot of other stuff that was true, by the way.

Now, caveat number one: this is early stuff. The Preacher/AMC news came to me when that was pretty much a done deal, Sandman is still in the most vestigial of stages. I’m not even sure that anyone has spoken to Neil Gaiman about this yet. If anyone other than Goyer were pitching this I’d ignore it as news, but Goyer being WB’s go-to comic book movie guy – and the support of Johns – elevates this to a different level.

Caveat number two: I’m making the assumption that Levitt’s involvement is as an actor. There’s a small chance that the Don Jon helmer could be trying to make a leap to big budget stuff with this. That seems kinda unlikely, and I think Levitt as Morpheus remains the most probable reason for his involvement.

It’s also natural that Levitt would be atop of Goyer’s wish list, and someone he’d have a good chance of attaching to his pitch, considering they worked together on ”Dark Knight Rises”.