Mumford to play the one to keep her clothes on in 50 Shades of Grey


Though signing for looming smutfest “50 Shades of Grey”, Eloise Mumford, of the short-lived series “The River”, will likely be OK with an open set when she’s working.

The 27-year-old has been cast as Anastasia Steele’s roommate in the film transfer of the E.J James promo for Captain Snooze, according to Variety.

In the book, Kate Kavanaugh (Mumford) asks Anatasia Steele to fill in for her at an interview she’s supposed to do with randy rich dude Christian Grey. In return, Steele is rewarded with red butt cheeks and a good whipping.

Mumford joins Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dorman, Luke Grimes and Jennifer Ehle in the most anticipated film over at the website.