Fast and the Furious director remaking Road House


The Swayze family just smashed a brick letterbox in three.

Patrick’s big calling card of the late ’80s, “Road House” is getting the remake treatment – courtesy the chap that made Vin Diesel the, er, man he is today.

Rob Cohen, director of contemporary actioners “Fast and the Furious” and “xXx”, has signed to direct MGM’s redo of the bouncer flick, according to THR.

Michael Stokes wrote the script for the new version, which will assumingly tell the same yarn – muscly mullet-adorned bouncer stops the brawls at the local bar. In between crushing skulls, he slams funky blondes up against plaster.

It seems to be open season on Swayze’s back catalog right now – A “Dirty Dancing” remake is on the cards, “Ghost” is coming to TV, “Red Dawn” got the adverse remake treatment, and soon, “Point Break” will be done over. Would love to know what the late, great dancing man would’ve made of all this.