Robert Townsend working on 5 Heartbeats sequel


Actor/writer/director Robert Townsend is developing a sequel to his 1991 film “The Five Heartbeats”, says BlackAmericaWeb.

“I am working on a sequel. Next year I’ll be making an announcement”, Townsend said on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, according to the site.

The film tells of an all-male group, struggling to make it as big-time musicians whilst battling their own demons, and aside from Townsend, featured early performances from “Man of Steel” actor Harry J.Lennix and Leon (“Cool Runnings”).

No word on what the sequel will be about – it may be about the continuing careers of the musicians in the original, but it could also be about their offspring, possibly. One thing’s for sure, they just have to go with either “6 Heartbeats” or “10 Heartbeats” as a title..