Three babes and a Star Wars rumour


Another day, another batch of “Star Wars” casting rumours.

As every man and their wookie knows, Lucasfilm are currently scouting (picture biker scouts, kids) for the role of the film’s young hero and heroine – who, apparently, aren’t the offspring of young Skywalker nor young Solo.

JediNews has added three more names to the ‘ladies’ corner contender list.

Emmanuelle Chriqui, probably best known for playing E’s beloved on “Entourage”, Alexis Dziena, also an “Entourage” alum (but also “When in Rome” and “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist”), and Taissa Farmiga, of “American Horror Story” fame, are said to be up for (though that could simply mean that – along with every other actor in Hollywood – they’ve ‘auditioned’) the main chicky part. Sadly, that main chicky part isn’t ‘Mon Mothma Junior’.

Can you picture any of the three foxy femmes (pictured above) battling ‘roger roger’ droids in the 2015 biggie “Star Wars Episode VII”?