Miller explains Fury Road‘s new 2015 release date


With the film as good as complete, most are wondering why Warners has delayed the (already delayed-enough) “Mad Max Fury Road” until 2015?

Director George Miller (or his publicist’s notes) have the answer :

“Our film, luckily after a ridiculous amount of work, is testing extremely well,” Miller tells The Sydney Morning Herald. ”We’re very happy. There has been a lot of doubt about it, [people saying] ‘it took so long’, but Warners have delayed it until 2015 to go into the top weekend of the year.”

Miller, who has been trying to bring ‘Mad Max’ to screens since Tina Turner retired from the cage-shouting business, says they also decided to bring it out in 2015 so they wouldn’t have to compete against the World Cup.

Oh, and that unremitting rumour that suggests Mel Gibson is to cameo in the film -as someone other than Max?

BS, according to the director.

”It would have been nice somehow but, no, it’s not true.”

“Mad Max Fury Road”, starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, opens May 15, 2015 in 2D and 3D.