Exclusive : Snakes on an author! John Hawkes to play Dennis Covington

In the feature film adaptation of “Salvation on Sand Mountain”

John Hawkes will headline the feature film adaptation of Dennis Covington’s “Salvation on Sand Mountain”.

Actor Peter MacNicol (“Chicago Hope”, “Ally McBeal”) will direct the film, based on his own script.

The film tells of a then New York Times reporter who went from covering the trial of Alabama pastor Glenn Summerford, who has been accused of murdering his wife with poisonous snakes, to experiencing a snake handling church in Appalachia – where he himself begins taking up the snakes.

It’s one of those stories where the curious investigator becomes entangled in the world he’s snooping.

Angela Bettis and William Sadler are also attached to the picture.

The book is a captivating but distressing exploration of nature, supremacy and devoting one’s self to a cause. Should make for a great film.

More as it comes to hand.

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